Friday, April 16, 2010

Notes from the Visit

After a visit to Duke University today, where I met with Holton Thompson, a few issues have been addressed in the process of importing a file from Maya to Virtools. The following issues were discussed:

Exporting to virtools process (drag select, Edit/delete by type/history, Modify/freeze transformation, center pivot, settings & preferences/plug-in manager/turn on maya to virtools, unit multiplier should read .1)

Adding lighting in Maya (Create, lighting, directional, duplicate [ctl + d])

Importing to Virtools (resources/import file)

Triangulating in Maya (Select object, Mesh/Triangulate)

Textures in Virtools to reattach texture (right click, texture setup/replace slot)

Saving documents, Maya saves as .nmo (geometry), Virtools saves as .cmo (programming)

In the DiVE, you can set start position in Virtools, along with physicalization, wall and floor barriers, and walk navigation. Scale can be set in different documents so a user can open to different scales (i.e. tall adult, adult, child, very small child, etc).

Scale in Virtools (level manager/3D object/ select children/lock/ to the centerpoint) NEVER USE SCALE TO OBJECT.

Texture images in Maya (1056 x 1056 max) (512 x 512 optimal)

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